Course curriculum

    1. Ryan Holliday - Ego is the Enemy

    2. Matthew Pillios: The Melbourne Super Growth Agent

    3. Josh Phegan: How to have your cake and eat it too

    4. John McGrath: Brand You

    5. Fiona Blayney: 2021 Vision; Same Same But Different

    6. Angelo Nickolas: The Agent Growth Formula

    7. Daisy Campbell: A business based on people

    8. Simon Caulfield: Power. People. Prospecting.

    9. Jacinta Vear: Lessons From a Year of Action

    10. Kate Smith: 200 Sales a Year: From Basketball Pro to Real Estate Pro

    11. Sophie McGuinness: Hard Work Creates Results

    12. Tanja Neven-Jones: How to Have a Future Bigger Than Your Pas

    13. Guy Winch: Emotional First Aid - Part 1

    14. Jodie Fox: Putting yourself into your customers shoes

    15. Jacqui Cooper: A Champion Attitude

    1. Gary Vee: Practical Optimism

    2. Alex Jordan: The Steps to Core Area Domination

    3. Ryan Holiday: The Obstacle Is The Way

    4. Anthia Koullouros: How to Recalibrate an Overwhelmed, Fearful and Dis-eased Mind & Body Using Whole Food, Nature’s Medicine & Lifestyle Wisdom

    5. Maria Milillo: A Lifetime in Real Estate

    6. Kym Atherton: The Power and The Passion

    7. Josh Tesolin: The Official Formula

    8. Jamie Billerwell: Hard Work Creates Results

    9. Stefon Bertram: True Leverage Through Mastering a Super Team

    10. Dr Amantha Imber: Digital Distractions & Tech Temptations

    11. Cathy Baker: The Client For Life Program

    12. Lisa Novak: Mastering The Digital Door Knock

    13. Guy Winch: Emotional First Aid - Part 2

    14. Elle Macpherson: Insights into Building a Brand that Transcends the Ordinary

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