Real Estate Zoomathon

Sessions went from 9am around the world for 33 hours until 5pm the following evening, raising over $100,000 for Hands Across the Water

    1. Session 1: Samantha McLean, Steve Carroll and Jason Scott

    2. Session 2: Jason Pellegrino, Dr Nicola Powell, John Foong, Nathan Brumby

    3. Session 3: Leanne Pilkington, D'Leanne Lewis, Jane Huxley, Peter Matthews

    4. Session 4: Steve Caradoc-Davies, Ed Cherry, Gilbert Enoka

    5. Session 5: John Cunningham, Ruma Mundi, Tracey Fellows

    6. Session 6: Jet Xavier, Kate Strickland, Nick Papas, Ryan McCann, Tom Carlin

    7. Session 7: Valerie Timms, Tanja Lee, Valentina Borbone, Lee Woodward

    8. Session 8: Antonia Mercorella, Brad Bobson, Peter Brewer, Rachel O'Brian

    9. Session 9: Julie Davis and Neil Williams

    10. Session 10: John Minns, Hannah Gill, Andrew Duncan, Manos Findikakis, Maria Findikakis and Susannah Toop

    11. Session 11: Lee Woodward, Chris Henry, Danny Grant

    1. Session 12: Jason Spencer, David Webb, Rory Cook, Anna Molinaro, Drew Bailey, Patrick McKinnon, Phillip Webb

    2. Session 13: Jonathan Creek with Darren Pratley, Lisa Novak

    3. Session 14: Simon Whale with Doug Driscoll, Simon Bradbury, Jonathan Handford, Mark Vella and Matt Carpenter

    4. Session 15: Dick Karlsson, Jay Morris, Aonghus Stevens, Erik Wikander, Shaho Shamei

    5. Session 16: Rik Rushton with David Knox and Paul McGee

    6. Session 17: Christopher Watkin

    7. Session 18: Stephen Brown with Spencer Lawrence and Vicky Bibiris

    8. Session 19: Bill Risser with Natalia Karayaneva, Sean Carpenter

    9. Session 20: Jeff Turner, Emily Chenevert, Lynette Keyowski

    10. Session 21: Bridge Gabitas, Andrew North, Martin Cooper

    11. Session 22: Megan Jaffe, Nick Lyus

    12. Session 23: Andrew Reece, Hamish Turner, Lauren Robinson, Shannon Davis

    13. Session 24: Glen Newland, Aaron Shiner, Amanda Stevens, Chris Helder

    1. Session 25: Chris Hanley and Sarah Bell

    2. Session 26: Fiona Blayney and Liz Wiseman

    3. Session 28: Shane Kempton, Eliza Owen, Effie Zahos, Jane Fleming, Matthew Tiller, Steve Mutton

    4. Session 29: Charlotte Pascoe, Bec Mitchell, Phil Stenhouse

    5. Session 30: Peter and Claire Baines

    6. Session 31: James Bell, Sarah Bell, Andy Reid, Felicity Reid

    7. Session 32: Adam Joske, with Andy Nasr and Gabby Leibovich

    8. Session 22: Mark McLeod with Catherine Clark, Michael Bohl and Nerida Consibee

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